Special software for deformation monitoring

The company can offer the special authors software for processing and collecting of data, during the process of deformation monitoring of engineering facilities. The software is produced as automatic relational data base system. It's the practical result of dissertation work in this area of science (Creating of an optimization model, Data Base and applying system for management, computing and analysis on geodetic data by deformation monitoring on construction facilities - Angelov, Antonio 2005).

The first basic realization of this system is named:

DeMES Deformation Monitoring and Examination System

The basic functions of this system are:

•  Organization and managing of the independent relational data base system;

•  Transfer the data from geodetic instruments to the system's data base;

•  Processing and computing of horizontal and vertical displacement of the measured control points;

•  Automatic update of system's data base with the processed results of the current cycle of measurements;

•  Permanent access to the data base resources;

•  Draw out of group of data, using an included functions for filtering and sorting;

•  Visualization of the registered displacements by means of tables, graphics and reports.